About Us

Founded in 2020, www.STEMerch.com has quickly become a well established provider of all things STEM. In 2021 we decided to found the EU-based franchise store STEMerch EU to also provide our European customers with high-quality geek items.

First and foremost, STEMerch EU was founded under the premise of reducing high shipping costs for customers outside of the US and to create a whole new variety of products that we were not able to manufacture before. 

Most notably are our hand crafted wooden items such as our headphone stands and wooden board games. The use of CNC technology and various other machines gives us the chance to create a huge variety of DIY products, school & office supplies and many more STEM related items! STEMerch EU can also be accessed in German, which also brings it closer to our EU customers.


You've got ideas for new products that we should definitely add? Shoot us a message via support@stemerch.eu!



Legal notice:

STEMerch EU is part of Flammable Maths


Owner: Jens Fehlau

Address: Schulze-Delitzsch-Straße 35, 08527 Plauen, Germany

Contact: support@stemerch.eu